We believe that the best food in the world comes from your own kitchen

How come your Baked Feta Pasta looks nothing like what you saw on TikTok?

What was the last thing you ate? Was it delivery that you paid just a little too much for? Maybe you tried a meal prep service but hated the excess packaging? Or maybe you were excited to step into your own kitchen, only to walk out disappointed?

We get it, and we've been there. You want to eat amazing food without breaking the bank, but don't know where to begin. Between social media, food blogs, and online recipes there's so much great information out there, but sorting through it is a time-consuming process. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but when it comes to home-cooking it just seems so overwhelming!

How often have you found yourself following a recipe without understanding why you're dry brining that chicken? Or crying like a baby because you don't know how to properly chop onions?

Cooking at home can feel laborious and daunting because we’re so fixated on the steps it take to make some dish,  rather than the skills and knowledge it takes to learn to cook.

Meet Parsnip,
your home-cooking companion

Parsnip changes all of that by putting all the Hows and Whys of cooking at your fingertips. You'll not only get guided walkthroughs of some of your favorite recipes, but more importantly, Parsnip will teach you the skills and knowledge that you can apply to anything you do in the kitchen.

Rather than stepping out disappointed and demotivated, we'll help you track your progress and show you how you've improved over time because learning to cook is a journey. We’re here to help celebrate all your accomplishments, including that burnt toast.

Think of Parsnip as your own personal cooking mentor and guide. Your crash course in cooking education. The little nuggets of cooking wisdom passed down by grandparents everywhere.

We imagine a future where
home cooking becomes more joyful than ever with thoughtful technology.
We would love for you to join us!

Our mission is to make home-cooking accessible to everybody.
So if you're looking for a different approach to home-cooking, we're confident we can help you build the skills, intuition, and enthusiasm to start (or refine!) your culinary journey.

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