Level up your cooking skills

Parsnip teaches you to make incredible food and track your skills as you progress.

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Parsnip - Duolingo for cooking | Product Hunt
Parsnip - Duolingo for cooking | Product Hunt
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We’re the place to start

Unlike other apps or cookbooks, we’ll teach you the hows and whys of cooking.

eggs, asparagus, lemon and other produce on a kitchen counter
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Fun bite-size lessons, recipes and videos

From picking produce to prepping your ingredients, you choose what dishes you want to learn, and we provide the curriculum.

Enjoy the love of food together

Become inspired to make great meals that will improve your health and mood, while impressing your friends and family.

Learn to cook 'em all

With recipes for every kind of palette and dietary preference, 
explore the cuisine of the world with Parnsip at your side.

... and many more!

What people are saying about Parsnip

I struggle with confidence issues in learning how to cook, more than anything else. This is super helpful. Please keep up the great work!

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I like how I can learn facts about food in spurts. I don’t mind going through lessons I might be ‘too advanced’ for. I love the jokes and how friendly the app is!

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Parsnip User

The app is awesome!! As I’m trying to learn how to cook, this app is making me feel more comfortable with the ingredients and the tools.

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I learned how to make really good meatballs! And it's not just that I learned a recipe, I actually learned how to cook, and why the recipe asks for the things it does, along with helpful tips like "making marina sauce is a messy process, you will have sauce shoot everywhere, so you better put on a lid."

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Parsnip will tell you how to look for the right produce, special kitchen techniques, etc, and it achieves all of this while still being approachable to novices. It’s encouraging and sweet and I have thoroughly enjoyed using this app!

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